The Story So Far…

The Stoles are a Dublin based alternative band consisting of three members:
Antonio: Vocals/Bass

Andrea: Guitar/Vocals

Ciaran: Drums/Vocals
Having spent the summer of 2015 playing at some of Ireland’s best indie music festivals, such as Le Cheile and Scrobarnach, The Stoles launched straight into writing and creating their debut album. The process of writing an album found the band exploring and honing their sound more than ever before.
Recording and production of the band’s debut album – titled ‘Age Of Deception’, was completed in the latter part of 2016.
In December 2016 The Stoles signed a record deal with the largest independent record label in North America – Spectra Music Group. 2017 will see the band release Age Of Deception under the Spectra label.
Watch This Space!

The Sound

Melodic melodies,
fuzzy bass,
telecaster guitar with echo &
hard hitting drums;

The Stoles are a band committed to doing their own thing in their own way. The band believe in creating music that’s era-less and true to their own selves.

What They Say:

“I can’t compare The Stoles to anyone else out there right now which is a good thing, they’re unique in what they’re offering. I’ve a good feeling about them and I think they’re going to be an impressionable force in the industry this year and beyond…”

– Zoë Farrell, Musicwand Ireland


“They make an impressively complex noise for a three piece, funnelling a broad range of influences into an alternative rock template…”

– Marky Edison, Muso’s Guide


“Dublin band The Stoles have a Black Keys vibe going on, but with maybe more of an emphasis on heavy rock than blues…”

– Joe Donnelly, TXFM